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East Coast Videos

New promotional video made by Evert Bleijenberg

Spotted Eagle Ray with Ramora

Video made by Raoul Sanchez.

Grouper getting cleaned

Video made by Raoul Sanchez.

Green Turtle at the White Hole

Video made by Raoul Sanchez.

Ocean Triggerfish on the East Coast

Video made by Raoul Sanchez.

Bonaire turtle with huge ramoras

Video made by Ella de Buck when she came back diving the White Hole. The ramoras were so heavy that the turtle had problems swimming.

Bonaire East Coast Diving featured in Brasilian 'Mergulho' video!

(BECD part starts after 35 minutes in the video)

Diving Bonaire 's White Hole

A beautiful dive video about the White Hole on Bonaire, also known as the Blue Hole or in Papiamento Valei. The video was made by Micahael Lafortune from Fish-Eye Photo, diving with us.

Seven Eagle Rays at Bonaire East Coast Diving (movie made by Suzy)

This video was made by Suzy from Blue Divers Bonaire. She and Bas went with us on August 13, 2009 and she made this amazing video of this big group of eagle rays when she went diving with the guys of Bonaire East Coast Diving.

Bonaire East Coast Diving

Bonaire Diving East Coast

Dance of the Eagle Rays on Bonaire

Two Eagle Rays on Bonaire's East Coast

Eagle Ray fest at Lac Cai, East Coast Bonaire

Bonaire East Coast Diving

East Coast Bonaire

Bonaire's Wild Side

Nurse Shark on the East Coast of Bonaire

East Side Shark Diving

Southern Stingrays East Coast Bonaire