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Schedule & Prices

We do daily dive trips on the East Coast, twice a day. A reservation, either through one of our agents, or directly on this website, is highly recommended.

We advise to do your East Coast Dive in the first half of your stay on Bonaire, because we've noticed many would like to come back after a few days!

No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 2 weeks before the reservation date.

Based upon weather conditions, our captain may decide to reschedule a dive.

A minimum of three divers is required for a trip. If you sign up as a single diver, and no other reservations have been made for the same dive(s), we may reschedule your dive to the first available dive date.

All divetrips from Bonaire East Coast Diving depart from the fishermen's pier at Sorobon (direction of Jibe City, follow the road straight ahead until it ends - you'll recognize our truck and boat rightaway). Do not forget to bring your dive gear, weights, dive computer, certification card and Bonaire Marine Park Tag. We will bring your tanks.

For safety reasons, we require all our divers to use a dive computer. If you do not have one, we're offering one for rent for US $ 10,50.

If you’d like to rent an underwater photocamera, we redirect you to Bonphoto or naturally, you’re free to choose any other photography specialst.

If you'd like to have a professional photographer or videographer to accompany you on your dive, please let us know no less than three days before your diving day. You can request the professional when you are entering your reservation in the reservation system or by sending us an e-mail. We'll check availability of the professionals and give you a price quote.


Morning dive

  1. Tanks: 2 tank-dive
  2. Price: $ 120,00 (USD) incl. taxes
  3. When: departure time is 7.45 AM


Afternoon dive

  1. Tanks: 1 tank-dive
  2. Price: $ 65,00 (USD) incl. taxes
  3. When: departure time is 12.45 PM