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Just a quick Thank You for a lovely boat dive today... We'll enjoy the tee shirts and wear them proudly back in Philadelphia! Be well.
by Scott (Ron's son) on 2011-03-24
We had a great dive!!! Your staff was terrific and the undersea world was the best. We will recommend you to others and see you again when we come back. Be well!
by Andy on 2011-03-23
Sorry it's a late comment, but better late than never!
We had a great time with you in May and would like to thank you all for the fantastic diving. We felt really looked after and were really impressed with the work you have done to 'open-up' the East Coast and give Bonaire diving another dimension.
We both loved your big rib (!) and the ease of diving from it.
The bluewhite hole is trully awesome for both large and small critters.
Hope to see you again soon, and have been recommending you to all our friends!
John and Michele
by John and Michele Glazebrook on 2010-10-13
We dove the wild side with Bonaire East Coast Diving. The white hole was nice and the swim across the top of the reef with the surge was a very different dive than I am use to.
by Ron on 2010-08-18
We dived with Ger and Michael on Tuesday the 20the of July.
First dive to Funchi's Reef with Michael: at least 10 turtles, 2 eagle rays and lots of nice fishes and corals.
A beautiful drift dive and very comfortable with the boat nearby.
After a short rest at the Sorobon Pier we did the second dive with Ger at the White/Blue hole.
Lots of huge (!) tarpons, 2 green moray eels and again beautiful corals and fish.
After leaving the Hole and swimming over the reef we saw again 2 huge turtles and a stingray!
A great experience, a very comfortable boat and very nice and helpfull people!
Thanks a lot guys!!
by Jacq & Martin on 2010-07-23
Thank you to Ger, Bas and Michael - you helped make Carolyn's birthday a day to remember. The dive at Funchie was wonderful. I have several nice photos of turtles, green moreys and rays. I even have a terrific shot of the pelagic tunicate. (I'll send you the pix).

Gloria, Carolyn and I had a wonderful time - diving the east coast is an adventure we will not forget. Thank you for making it a wonderful day.

Till next time, Cheers - Tammy
by Tammy on 2010-06-29
Hello all divers!!!

Today was the one happy day for me again, did have the time and chance to hop on the boat for two awesome east coast dives.
Together with my aunt and uncle, two repeatatives addicts of east coast diving from the United Kingdom and 5 very much in a holiday mood divers from Argentina, a beautiful mixture of nations, ofcourse also the very helpfull divemaster and captain where there, Bas and Ger, without those two no party time for us!!!
Everybody loved to go to Funchi and then the White Hole, so we went and got spoiled as always.
First all was calm on Funchi, went to the big festival of Rincon yesterday???, but after 10 minutes into the dive they all woke up and showed themselves to us in there full beauty, fantastic!!!
Eagle rays, some turtles, green moray eels and a pretty rare huge yellow mouth grouper which was getting his early morning cleaning, next to big schools of the usual fish you see there, I will not list them all so you have to go yourself and check it out.
The second one in the famous Hole was again great, the tarpons, baracuda, conchschel, eels and so on but the biggest treat for all of us was the nice and young Nurse Shark!!!! Yes I saw it to and I am still very happy about this encounter and everybody on this dive also, after getting back our breath and controlling the excitement we bumped in to about 8 huge turtles, mainly green one, I could see clearly 1 big male and 3 females so have to guess for the rest and on our way back to the boat we saw 3 little reef squids lining up and exposing to us.
What amazes me everytime I join the east coast gang is the relaxed way in which everything is going, all customers from all over the world, sometimes not even speaking the same language get along so well and we learned some Argentinian songs while riding out on the waves and learned from eachothers culture and habits but the most enjoyable is the way everybody helps eachother on board without any questions or understanding all you say, this is the real divers world in my opinion, who ever, where ever and what ever you are or do, you are my dive fellow so together we make this dive from A to Z unforgetable.
Thank you all today for making my day!!!!

Till next time and enjoy (dive)life.

by ilse on 2010-05-01
Happy b-day Ger,
Bonaire is fantastic i was there in 2001,
Good to here you have fun.

greetings from a cold holland
by carlmoesker@gmail.com on 2010-04-07
In December of 2008 and March of 2009, Fiona had major surgery on her spine resulting in a spinal fusion, anteriorly and posteriorly L4 to S1. We were both very concerned as to whether or not the dives on The East Coast would be suitable as Fiona is not able to wear any diving equipment on the surface. Instead, she has to put all equipment on in the water- very easy from the shore but not so in six foot waves!
Needless to say, we had a fantastic day. Fiona avoided all stress on her spine whilst the boat negotitaed its way through the surf by kneeling in the boat. Whilst all the other divers on the trip did a reverse roll into the sea, Fiona leapt over the side and was assisted into her gear by the crew. When she left the sea at the end of the dive, she removed the integral weights, unclipped the bcd and passed it up to the crew. On both dives this went extremely smoothly and without any stress whatsoever. We saw a total of 16 turtles, an eagle ray, a goliath grouper, two large green morays, at least 80 tarpons and an enormous barracuda.
Thank you for a wonderful day- we will be diving with you again in May 2010.
Fiona and Paul Coldridge
by Fiona and Paul Coldridge on 2010-01-09
We dove with you guys a couple of months ago.. Wish we were there now., We are freezing our buts off here in the northeast (Massachusetts). Just wanted to let you know We will be back diving with you again I hope in the future. We had a terrific time diving with you, our entire group did as well ( Divers Market, Plymouth MA)

I wish you continued success, Health and Happiness for the New Year.
Lou And Kim Villa
by Lou & Kim Villa on 2010-01-04
This Wednesday, Rob and Bas showed us Funchi and the White Hole - and we enjoyed every minute of it, including the boat ride, the "jumpers", and of course the dives themselves. White Hole was particularly unusual: The "tarpon bowl", the rays, the conch, the green moray, the turtles, riding the surf....

A great diving day for us, thank you!

Amelie + Claus
by Claus on 2009-12-27
Where are you???

As a wife of one of the captains on the East Coast one might consider me lucky and YES I am.
On Friday December the 11th I decided to drop all the domestic responsibilities and join the boys on the boat.
With me were three young men and one of them, Frank, is a repeat diver on the East Coast. He lives in Curacao and now and then he brings over some dive friends so I met David and Steven, and with this small but happy group we went out with Wietze and Ger.
After a short ride through some big waves we rolled over safely at Funchi's reef.
Now to get to the subject of this story, on every dive you see one or two or often many more eagle rays, well not today!! Not a single one, which amazed me.
However I never had a boring dive over there so we got treated with two huge sting rays, very close swimming by, a lot of green turtles, got a good view allover from a green moray eal (he/she laid relaxed while being cleaned by some small fish and shrimp), big groups of horse eye jacks on the hunt and also a huge school of bermuda chubs being very active early in the morning.
Also 2 big rainbow parrot fish passed by while eating algeas from the rocks and corals.
There are many more things we saw but I must admit that every dive there is a treat for the eyes and mind.

Hope next time to dive with you and we can share the beauty of the under water world at the East Side.


by Ilse on 2009-12-13
Absolutely our very best of the best dives in Bonaire! ... So good we had to do it twice! ... Special thanks to Gijs, Wietze, & Rob for being absolutely wonderful divemasters & friends ... if anyone is going to Bonaire to dive (like there is another reason to go?), no dive trip would be complete without a day on the "Wild Side" (the East Coast) ... you will not find a more professional and competent group of divemasters anywhere ... we couldn't have had a more wonderful time ... sixteen Eagle Rays on one dive ... six together in an echelon formation! ... huge tarpon! ... the biggest Goliath Grouper we have ever seen! ... Shandra even saw a Manta Ray on our third dive ...

If you are lucky, and you don't piss off Gijs or Wietze, then they may even invite you to their local "dive" for some post-dive Happy Hour Polars! ... if you do, just don't plan on an early dive the next morning!

You guys keep up with the flying lessons ... just remember the principles of flight: The Stick (or, the Yoke, in your case): Push it forward, and the donkeys get bigger ... pull it back, and the donkeys get smaller!

Wish you all the very best ... we will be back! ... and this time, I want to see the friggin' sharks!

John & Shandra, San Antonio, Texas, USA
by John ( on 2009-11-17
Beste Gijs,

Nog bedankt dat ik via Wietze mijn duikbril/snorkel heb teruggekregen. Op het vliegveld werd deze keurig terugbezorgd.
Verder heb ik bij jullie een ontspannen morgen gehad. Jullie hebben van de "drilboot" een "loveboot" gemaakt, zonder de veiligheid uit het oog te verliezen.
Voor het eerst in vijf jaar heb ik duikers zien en horen lachen op de boot. Dat zal voor de boot zelf ook wel wennen zijn geweest!!
Verder veel succes gewenst en ik zie je weer volgend jaar (op het water of tijdens de borrel in Little Havana).


Peter van Kuik
by Peter van Kuik on 2009-11-16
Beste Gijs en Wietze,

Dank voor de geweldig ochtend duiken op de oostkust. We vinden dat jullie het erg leuk doen. Zorgvuldige briefing maar wel zo nu een dikke knipoog. En de manta was natuurlijk super. Voor Wietze dan toch ;-)

Ja wij zijn het van de Manta. We hadden beloofd een mailtje te sturen als we foto’s online hebben staan.

De foto’s van de duik die we met jullie hebben gemaakt staan inmiddels online:
Verhaal en foto’s van die duik:

Aan Rob nog een dankwoord omdat hij een "last minute" voor ons heeft geregeld.

Groetjes en veel succes met jullie stoere initiatief.

Gerard en Mirjam
Nieuwerkerk ad IJssel
by Gerard en Mirjam on 2009-11-10
Thanks for Friday, our last dives of the vacation proved to be the most memorable...if you ever get bored of eagle rays, tarpon, giant green morays, turtle and three ocean trigger fish playing...then you haven't got a pulse. This was so good we decided not to shore-dive Friday afternoon to make sure this was our last diving memory of Bonaire. Thanks and we will be back to the wild-side...Mike & Ali
by Kevin on 2009-10-28
I just wanted to say "Thanks Guys." I had a great time on the boat yesterday! I loved everything about my 2 dives. Keep up the good work. I will definitely see you again. :)
by Kevin on 2009-10-28
22 oktober 2009
Vorige week mijn laatste duikdag bij jullie gehad en had deze nooit willen missen. Eerste duik naar Black Rock en 2 Stingrays, tweede duik in the White Hole met schildpadden, groene morene en vééééééééééééél tarpons. Bij 40 zijn we opgehouden met tellen...
Super bedankt. Ook het boottripje naar de locaties was fantastisch.

Ronald Vossebelt
by Ronald Vossebelt on 2009-10-22
Thank you so much for the wonderful diving!
Thought we'd send a pic to you, showing the beautiful Manta we saw as soon as we hit the water!!
You guys are wonderful!!
by Darrell and Dee Pryor, Louisville, KY on 2009-10-18
Wanted to say hello to all at my favorite Bonaire dive operation and include a link to a recently written article in my web site on diving with you: http://www.subaquaticphotography.com/subaquaticphotography.com/Bonaire-A_narrative_description.html I appreciate your up beat attitude and professionalism given the rather extreme diving conditions we faced that day. I will be back! Take care, Lee
by Lee Arbo on 2009-09-29
21 september zijn wij meegegaan met Ger en Wietze.
Mart (van Beach Hut op Sorobon) ging ook mee.
De eerste duik was bij Funchi. Het eerste kwartier zagen we niets bijzonders op een erg grote grouper na. Mirjam en ik keken elkaar al aan met een blik van waar blijft dat grote spul nu. Maar toen begon het feest. Eerst een grote groene schildpad, vervolgens een eagle ray. Daarna steeds meer schildpadden en eagle rays met als toetje een formatie van 7 eagle rays. Wat een ervaring!! Dit zullen we niet snel vergeten. In totaal 12 eagle rays en 7 schildpadden in 1 duik.
Voor de tweede duik zorgde Mart nog voor de innerlijke mens. Een lekkere fruitsalade. Vervolgens gingen we naar The Hole voor de tweede duik. We waren al snel omgeven door flink wat tarpons. Vervolgens zat er een flinke schildpad in een hol verstopt. Daarna nog twee grote groene murenen, conch schelpen, nog meer tarpons. Vervolgens verbleven we een tijdje boven het rif om schildpadden te spotten. En gespot hebben we ze. De ene na de andere groene schildpad kwam een kijkje nemen. Op een gegeven moment zaten er 5 stuks. 1 met 2 remora's erop.
Wat was dit ook weer een geweldige duik. Alles wat je op de east side ziet is GROOT.
Ger en Wietze, bedankt voor de geweldige duiken en wat hebben jullie een geweldige werkplek!!!

Als we weer naar Bonaire gaan, komen we zeker weer bij jullie duiken!!

Mirjam en Robert
by Mirjam en Robert on 2009-09-28
Blij dat dit onze laatste duikdag was! Deze duik overtrof werkelijk alle andere duiken op Bonaire!
Prachtige green moral eels, flinke jongens! Een slapende schildpad, zo lief. En die was groot! En de elegante spotted eaglerays, want daar kwamen we voor.
Onze laatste dag op Bonaire fantastisch!
Bedankt Gijs en Ger, tot de volgende keer!


Mirte en Tom
by Mirte en Tom on 2009-09-13
Just went out with Gijs and Ger today and it was one of the best dives we have EVER done. Thirteen turtles (some rather large, too), 4 spotted eagle rays (one of which came within a foot of us to investigate), 2 southern stingrays, a large lobster, huge moray, lots of tarpon. Gijs and Ger were very knowledgable from their years of shore diving before starting their business, and we really enjoyed it. Really nice guys, pleasant to dive with, can't wait to come back, will definitely send our friends!!
by Liz and Lou Brothers on 2009-09-12
Superlatieven schieten te kort als ik de 2 duiken die ik aan de oost kust heb gedaan zou moeten omschrijven...

Waar ik als mega-verwende-mooie-plekken-duiker nogal 'gewoon' ben met wat ik tegen kom onder water, viel aan de oostkant zo nu en dan mijn regulator bijna uit mijn mond als ik weer eens aan het gillen was naar aanleiding van wat ik daar allemaal zag.

Je moet altijd maar afwachten of de verhalen kloppen die je van te voren van anderen hoort, maar in dit geval overtroffen ze mijn verwachtingen.

Tijdens de eerste duik zag ik meteen al verschillende schildpadden, groot en klein. Maar ik kon mijn ogen niet geloven toen ik op de bodem, onder een rots, een exemplaar zag liggen zo groot... dat ie wel nep leek. Is 2 meter overdreven? Vast wel, met een duikbril op, maar zo groot leek ie wel!

Verder heel veel eagle-rays gezien! Met enorme staarten natuurlijk, zwevend door het water. Als cadeautje zag ik er, tijdens de safety stop, nog 6 in colonne onder me door zwemmen, hoe mooi!

Ook nog enorme lobsters en vele murray eels (zo dik als een bovenbeen) gezien, net als prachtige koralen en zogenaamde 'fans'.

De boot en bemanning was overigens ook super: erg enthousiast, behulpzaam en alert.

Een absolute aanrader dus, voor elke duiker die 'de grote jongens' eens wil zien.

Grtz, Mieke
by Mieke on 2009-09-05
Wat een duik! Gisteren wezen duiken met Gijs en Ger aan de oostkant van Bonaire. De beste duik sinds ik duik. Na uitgevaren te zijn met hun schitterende boot, gingen we het water in en vielen we van de ene verbazing in de andere: Schildpadden die middagslaapjes hielden in het koraal groepen Eagle Rays je noemt het maar. 40 duiken gedaan op Bonaire en die waren allemaal schitterend maar deze, dit kan niet mooier! Echt een enorme aanrader!

Fijne divemasters, goede spullen en een schitterende locatie om te duiken! Thx mannen.

Gert Jan
by Gert Jan on 2009-09-05
All went quite well. Very professionally done!!! Hope to see you next year!
by Bob and Gabe on 2009-08-14
Op 6 augustus hebben we een gedoken met east coast diving. Zoals jullie kunnen lezen in 'captains blog'van deze dag hadden we Wietze al ontmoet in de kroeg en zo begon het op z'n Bonairiaans al goed! Alhoewel de captain het 'een slechte dag....' noemde waren wij onder de indruk van al het moois wat de East Coast de bieden heeft. Een duik aan de East Coast mag je niet missen als je op Bonaire bent. Een welkome afwisseling op het rustige water van de rest van het eiland en hier zie je tenminste echt groot spul. Tenminste met een beetje mazzel maar ach... als je geen geluk hebt in het spel... spat het in ieder geval in de liefde :) . Wietze veel succes in je strijd met Ger, je hebt fans!
by Alex en Marleen on 2009-08-12
Hello all future and past divers of the Eastcoast.
Today I jumped in on the second dive and I met a fellow diver from "the past" Gary! Very pleased to see him again and join on a dive with him as my buddy and the other soulmates divers who share the same feelings like I do now after this great dive. Ger was the captain and Wietze guided us professional through the white/blue hole. We saw a black grouper (not very common) and green moray eels, conch shell, barracuda, tarpons, reefsquid, bermuda chubs and at the end nice turttles.
So all together a beautifull day to spend on Bonaire, these pictures in my mind will last for a long time and when they are gone I just go back!!

Thanks everybody for joining me. :) :)
by Ilse on 2009-06-30
I appreciate the great dives yesterday and I know the other two people I brought loved it as well. I will definitely recommend it to others, and in fact already have. Look forward to diving with you all next trip to Bonaire.
by Lee on 2009-06-27
In twee dagen tijd hebben we met onze groep een paar fantastische duiken gemaakt! Nog nooit zo veel tarpons bij elkaar gezien, om nog maar te zwijgen over de grote groepen met eagle rays...

Bedankt voor de goede begeleiding en het prachtige duiken aan de fantastische oostkust!
by Keep Smiling Diving Team on 2009-05-31
Hi Gijs (now I know how to spell your name) :)

I read your blog about the 11th of May. What a dive at Funchi's - our best out of 25 dives we did on Bonaire. ThanX again! Nice that you speak about us as "experienced divers" - so I guess we did good? It was also a pleasure to meet Dos. And the "clipboard-man", sorry I forgott his name...
Two or three days later we saw a single Ocean Trigger again at "The Invisibles" and a Spotted Eagle Ray at Alice In Wonderland. But that is nothing compared to the 9 (!!!) Eagle Rays, the three Stingrays, the many turtles and Ocean Triggers during the dive with you.
If one day we come back to Bonaire, we will come to you for some more dives at the east coast.
Lots of greetings from Switzerland from
Sarah and Heinz
by Sarah and Heinz on 2009-05-18
Hallo Wim en Ger,

Greetings from Belgium!
Bedankt voor de 4 fantastische duiken, de Eastcoast is echt de moeite waard. Grote vis en mooie ongerepte begroeiing. De mooie grote Nurse shark was de kers op de taart! Jullie boot kan de ruige kust (golven 4m op 10/04) goed aan en aan boord klimmen is een makkie. Wij maken onze duikclub alvast warm voor de volgende trip... We'll be back... Tenminste als jullie een hele boot duikende Belgen aankunnen...

Pascal & Wilfried
by Pascal & Wilfried on 2009-04-23
Hoi Ger,
Wat leuk te lezen dat mijn duikleraar een uitdaging in Bonaire heeft gevonden. Wil je heel veel succes wensen!
Helaas heb ik mijn vakantie voor dit jaar al geboekt. Dus kom niet bij je op de koffie
by Joyce van Leeuwen on 2009-04-21
Breathtaking is definitly a problem in the world of divers but in one word, that's what it was. The first dive with the shark, the lobsters and waving fans was beautifull including the fastest turtle we ever saw. The second dive was like a dive movie. Spotted eagle rays first, they kept coming. followed by turtles, turtles and many more turtles. Some fighting with each other for the best spot in the caribean east coast of Bonaire. and that's what it is. Even the turtles know. Don't, and i repeat DON'T mention this to other divers because than it gets so quiet on the westcoast and Gijs, Ger and Wim get overworked and won't have time as now for us the next time. Because that's one thing for sure. We will be back at east coast diving Bonaire.
by Anneke and Robert Wienk on 2009-03-20
The east side of Bonaire is one of those “must see” dive site. Of all the dives that I have done in my 3 weeks on Bonaire, the 8 dives that I have had the privilege of diving with Gijs, Wim and Ger are the most memorable. Every dive was a different experience. We visited known reefs and sites such as Funji’s, Cai and Blue Hole, and we explored new unnamed areas where few have dived before. We saw an abundance of creatures including sharks, eagle rays, stingrays, large groupers and parrot fish, as well as many types of juvenile fish, too numerous to remember in just one dive. Large schools of fish were spectacular to watch, many were exhibiting breeding behaviour that was fascinating to watch. The coral reefs are spectacular and pristine, free of debris and pollution. I enjoyed hovering above the large fan corals letting the surge gently rock both the coral and myself, very peaceful.

In contrast to the ocean above. I have had previous experience diving in rough waters. The Bonaire East Coast Diving boat is the best I have ever seen, its design with a removable section of the side pontoon for a ladder, is both unique and practical. While getting out of boat is always easy, getting into this one is a treat. Not to mention the boys are very helpful and professional. As boat Captains their expertise is exceptional, as dive guides their enthusiasm is second to none. It’s fun diving with guys that after all their years of experience as instructors still get excited about diving and seeing what nature has to offer. No bored DM’s here…..

Thanks guys for a memorable week of fun diving!
by Rob Silins on 2009-03-20
We are in our 60's and intermediate level divers with 40+ dives in Hawaii, Roatan, and the west side of Bonaire. Today, with some trepidation, we ventured to the wildside - the east side - for a new diving experience. It was wonderful. The dive guides took every precaution to ensure our safety and our enjoyment of the dives. Other writers have commented on the abundant sea life which thrilled us too. We want to add that the sea fan garden that you swim over while heading to and returning from the White Hole dive site, took our breath away - it is so beautiful. Getting back into the zodiak was easier than anticipated, and the dive guide was there to assist our safe exit from the water. We are going back again next week!
Don & Linda Boisvert
Edmonton,AB Canada
by Don & Linda Boisvert on 2009-03-18
Hello everybody!!
Just came back from a great dive on the east side and still counting all the fish,creatures and corals I have seen. We dove Funchi's reef and it was just me and Rob as a buddy and the divemaster.
About 8 eagle rays and 2 huge southern sting rays about 4 to 5 hawksbill turtles and 2 loggerheads, a very pretty and close by ocean triggerfish and a big tiger grouper and most impressive of all was a huge group of dog snappers which seem to be spawning and did I already mention the overwhelming amoutn of gorgonians and sea fans??
I am very happy and will relax now and hope that you all soon will have a chance of seeing this beauty and share my feelings.

by Ilse Wikkerink on 2009-03-14
Hey Guys, I'm so glad to see your up n running again. Hopefully Jeff n I will see you in Nov. 2009. The experience we had that day is certainly something all of us will never forget. Can't wait to see those sharks! And you too, Wim.
by Dee Dee Thompson on 2009-03-08
:D Wow what day for diving! Wem, Captain Whiskers, Gijs did a great job. Underwater, Gijs and I were constantly spinning around because of the exciting Manta, followed by shark, followed by a school of spotted eagle rays..turtles and the giant green moray and lots and lots of fish! Yes, Wem, I woke up the next day and my neck was hurting from all the twisting around to see all the activity, (hahhah) it was worth it! The boat itself is very comfortable and handles the east coast waters with ease!
by Dee and Billy on 2009-03-06
Hello Wim & Ger, I'm Jeff from cold pennsylvania, Dee Dee and I were out with you on that fatefull day. So it was bad gas, wow how does that happen?
Glad your getting going again, we will be back for two weeks in nov. can't wait. Will be diving with you again for sure. See you in six (long) months. Happy diving!
by Jeff France on 2009-03-01
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful time and great diving that you showed us on February 6. Having the Eagle Rays, the Manta and the schooling fish were the icing on the cake.

Rob Fazio
by Rob Fazio on 2009-02-20
Inmiddels weer terug in Nederland zitten Isak en ik (JP) de foto's te kijken van onze East Coast Diving experience. Wij zijn het met elkaar eens dat je Bonaire niet mag verlaten zonder met Ger, Wim en Gijs op de oostkant gedoken te hebben. Het was een geweldige ervaring. Ik zal mijn eerste duik op de oostkant met Wim niet snel vergeten ( en Wim zelf ook niet gezien de referenties die hij hier zelf aan maakte :rolleyes . Dus gaat u naar Bonaire -- Boeken die trip.
Ger, Wim, Gijs bedankt en tot de volgende keer

Groeten JP
by JP on 2009-02-09
Diving at the east coast of Bonaire with Ger and Wim was a great experience! You're diving with Mega Turtles and Eagly Ray's every day...
You should realy make a dive at the east coast when you are visiting Bonaire; otherwise you could have stayed home as well ;)

Ger and Wim, thanks again!

Greets Guido
by Guido on 2009-02-06
We hebben 1,5 jaar geleden met jou als gids gedoken, dus ontzettend leuk om te horen dat je (mede) ECD bent begonnen!
Hoop je nog weer eens te begroeten, dat gaat vast wel lukken :)
Succes daar!
by Peter Zaal on 2009-02-06
Hopi great swa! Ik kom snel even over duiken! Gegroet Gwido
by Gwido Jansen on 2009-02-05
Good job guys, happy diving and lots of big stuff under water from us.

Wherever you drift, we are behind you.

The Palm Trading Team
by Palm Trading Bonaire- Theo Knevel on 2009-02-04
Diving on the east side is an experience every diver will enjoy. The turtles, eagle rays, tarpon, green moray eels and sharks are extraordinary. Diving with Gijs, Ger, and Wim is safe and a delight. Thanks gentlemen. Paul
by Paul on 2009-02-02
A must for everyone who comes to Bonaire. Over 20 eagle rays gracefully moving through the water, countless turtles, beautiful scenery. Thank you Ger and Wim for the safety and excellent service.
by Marijke en Rob on 2009-02-01
Nog bedankt voor de uitnodiging, we hebben fantastisch gedoken. We zijn al reclame voor jullie aan het maken.
Goede stabiele boot en een goede kapitein,we zijn onder de indruk!
Goede hulp en uitleg op de boot,we kunnen het elke avontuurlijke duiker aanbevelen. Nogmaals bedankt
by Marion en Walter on 2009-01-29
Nog bedankt voor de uitnodiging, we hebben fantastisch gedoken. We zijn al reclame voor jullie aan het maken.
Goede stabiele boot en een goede kapitein,we zijn onder de indruk!
Goede hulp en uitleg op de boot,we kunnen het elke avontuurlijke duiker aanbevelen. Nogmaals bedankt
by Marion en Walter on 2009-01-26
Gijs & Ger, thanks for this unforgettable experience. I recommend diving on Bonaire's wild east coast for every diver who's looking for a different exciting diving experience!

Saw lots of stingrays and some big turtles.
Bonaire East Coast Diving, until the next time. Thanks!
by Menno on 2009-01-26
he mannen was helemaal top .duiken was super mooie dingen gezien en crew was ook super en gezellig bedankt en ga zo door.
marco en laura :)
by marco en laura on 2009-01-26