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When are the East Coast trips? 

We do daily trips, twice a day: a two-tank dive in the morning and a one-tank dive in the afternoon.

What about departure, what time, where do we meet?
We meet at the Fisherman's pier at Sorobon. You'll recognize our truck and boat rightaway. The morning dive departs at 7.45 am and the afternoon dive departs at 12.45 pm.

How do I get to the Fisherman's pier?
Route 1 (scenic route) - From Kralendijk, take Kaya Nikiboko Zuid. Proceed on Kaminda Sorobon and at the T-junction at the end, turn left. Follow the road into the direction of Jibe City and The Windsurf Place, and if you're there just keep on going until you arrive at the bay.

Route 2 - From Kralendijk, go in the direction of the airport and Belnem. Proceed until you arrive in Belnem and then turn left on Kaya Ir. R. Statius van Eps. Follow the almost straight road all the way until you can take a left turn in the direction of Jibe City and The Windsurf Place, and if you're there just keep on going until you arrive at the bay.

Which dive sites do you visit?
So far, we've explored most sites between the Willemstoren lighthouse and Boka Onima. Where we go depends on what people want to see and especially on weather conditions. We're always happy to explore new areas!

What are the dive procedures and how long is the dive time?
For safety reasons, and to make sure everyone has the best dive possible, we have some specific dive procedures which our crew will explain to you before the dive. The maximum dive time depends on air consumption but is usually around an hour, including safety stop.

What's the water temperature on Bonaire?
In general, year-round it's about 26-28 degrees Celcius (78-82 degrees Fahrenheit).

Aren't the weather conditions (too) rough?
Our captains take pride in giving you the smoothest possible ride to the dive sites. Yes, there are waves at times, but our boat is designed especially for these conditions. If you're doing the two-tank morning dive, we do not stay outside the bay area on the waves during surface interval. We just return to the pier to have a relaxed interval there in the sun or shade.

How do I make a reservation, and should I do that before or during my vacation?
Just go to the reservation page, fill in the fields and you're done! You'll receive a confirmation by e-mail with all the information you need. If you like, you can also book through one of our agents, or call +599-717-5211. We recommend planning your East Coast Dive(s) in the first half of your stay on Bonaire, because we've noticed many would like to come back after a few days! Prevent disappointment and make your reservation well in time before your vacation!

How many divers do you take on a trip?
To make sure everyone is comfortable and has enough space on the boat, we limit the amount of divers to 10.

What type of tanks can you bring aboard?
We have Air and Nitrox tanks of 63 and 80 cubic feet. When making a reservation, you can indicate which tank you prefer (small tank upon request).

What should I bring to the boat?
Your dive gear, weights, dive computer, certification card and Bonaire Marine Park Tag. We will bring your tanks and cool drinking water to enjoy during the trip.

Which experience level and/or minimum age is required to go to the East Coast?
We take anyone that's certified and confident in the water, regardless of experience level or age. Our divemasters are well trained and watch out for all of you! All the usual rules for diving (age/depth, supervision for minors, medical conditions etc.) are applicable.

Do you do special requests?
Yes, we'd love to! Please make your requests known at the time of reservation and we'll do anything to fulfill them (weather conditions taken into consideration). Please note that special rules or prices may apply, depending upon your request. For more information you can send us an e-mail.

What kind of creatures can I expect?
Unfortunately it is called 'the ocean' and not 'the zoo', but if you take a look at our gallery, you'll see which creatures you can meet during your trip with Bonaire East Coast Diving.

Do you have a rinse tank for cameras?
No. Because of surface swells, the water would not stay in the tank ;-). We do have some bottles with fresh rinsing water to get rid of most of the salt, or you can bring your own bottle of fresh water aboard.