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You don't have to be an experienced diver to see the most beautifull divesites of Bonaire!!!

Last week Eric and Boy (father and son) joined us. Jozee (mother) didn't join us because she taught she wasn't experienced enough.... We had 2 brilliant dives then and they told us that Jozee would have loved to see turtles. Today they came back and took her along. The first dive was a nice one with the usuall stuff. Some rays, turtles, morays and so on. The second was just brilliant. When we started there was a great baracuda getting cleaned by a lot of cleaner fish, just beautifull when he opens his mouth and you see the little fish swimming in there to clean him. The huge school of snappers was on top of the reef and the hole was packed with tarpons again. In the hole we saw one turtle and when we left the hole to go over the reef we saw at least 30 turtles, just brilliant. They were popping up everywhere. One of them even came up to Jozee and almost kissed her mask. She felt sorry about not joining last time because it was all very easy and very beautifull.

We will see you guys again in December, it was a pleasure diving with you!!!!

Posted by Bas on 2010-09-01