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All I`ve got to say is: "WOW". We must have seen about 20+ eaglerays on the first dive. There was no wind, there were no waves and only a very slight current. A perfect day to dive the East Coast. The viz. was pretty good too. Included on the dive were about 6 large stingrays, a couple of tiger groupers (been a long time), a free swimming dragon (green moray) and a fair amount of large green and hawksbill turtles. Inside the Hole we got spoiled with 40+ tarpon, a large stingray (dug in), again a couple of good sized turtles and not to forget two green morays being cleaned by shrimpys. I.e. Everybody came up with a big smile(and that's why we do it).


Posted by Robbo on 2010-04-14


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