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Who! Me?

On this typical October day the sea was very calm. After briefing our divers I did not expect any problems, but still, like always in the beginning of the dive, I watched the group descending. Experienced divers, I could see that right from the start. But suddenly all alarms went off. One of the divers was pointing at me! First with one hand and then with two! What was wrong? My equipment was functioning fine. The whole group was looking in my direction. I quickly turned around and saw what they were looking at. A huge Manta Ray was approaching us slowly and majestically glided overhead. Wow!

When a dive starts like that, nothing can go wrong anymore. Even if this is all you see in the whole dive it has been worth while. But then the Eagle Rays started coming. First two, then one, three, six, it just did not stop. And turtles! At the end of the dive, when I felt kind of saturated, another Manta Ray passed by. Or maybe it was the same one who was just as eager to see us one more time as we were seeing him once more.

Sorry Ger, I told him. You will not be able to top this one on the second dive, my win today.

I could not resist asking Gijs just now how many Mantas he saw. Just to rub it in, you know. His answer is not suitable for this log :-).

Posted by Wietze Koopman on 2009-10-13


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