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Want to dive - divemaster has 2 dives

Hello you all,

As a captain it is normal that you stay with your boat. That is why we all love to work at Bonaire East Coast Diving. So one dive per person and one boatride per person. Except these last two weeks, due to some minor cut in my cheek the docter told me not to dive for at least 2 weeks. Well, I will have to live with it I guess, but when Bas is your beloved team member it becomes a little difficult, especially when he does two dives a day and tells you how great they were. He does it in a way that the people he dives with blabber about it even more. It is not the best thing that can happen to me, but I will take revenge. Next week I will dive again and then ..........

See you all soon!

Greets Bas & Ger

Posted by Ger on 2010-08-27