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Turtles do it too

Like all other dives when something unexpected happens, I immediately want to write it down in this captain's log. Today, we had two divers from Scandinavia on board. Wietze did the first dive, where they saw the usual creatures like sting- and eaglerays, groupers, moray eals etcetera. In other words: just another good dive. I was going to do the second dive, the Hole. After the surface interval, we went down. It was tarpon soup, but that's pretty normal in the Hole. Large schools of fish on the shoulder of the reef is also not unusual. The green moray eals were present, which is also as expected. Until we swam over the reef. We saw at least six large green turtles. Not bad, if you see those all at once. As I turned around, to point out the turtles to our divers, I noticed two turtles at the surface, and they were mating! We stayed put for about ten minutes and observed them quietly. What a great experience! Especially because there were two sharksuckers hanging around the turtles. Obviously, they temporarily lost their home. We are very curious if we can observe this behaviour more often in the coming months, and also if someone will be able to make pictures or a video of it. We'll keep you posted!

Greetz, Ger

Posted by Ger Boermeester on 2009-12-09


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