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Too easy?

The happy few that get into professional diving know that it is not always easy to please your divers. The most critical among them are your fellow countrymen and it gets worse when you have relatives in your company. They are already spoiled because you showed them the best places on their previous visits. It happened to me today when my sister, brother in law and their daughter joined us to get their first East Coast Experience.

After a couple of relatively quiet days the waves were building up again so I was a bit worried that it might be too much for them. But they got in the water fine, along with the other guests, and immediately got distracted by a big turtle. When in the same minute the first eagle ray glided by, I knew this could not go wrong anymore. And indeed, when they were able to talk again (back on the boat) I knew they were very happy with the dive. The three other Dutch guests and the five Americans did not complain either. Especially not when, on the second dive, Dutch Wendy got a high five from a passing turtle!! No wonder everybody was very happy after these two dives. I love diving the east coast. It's really too easy to please your divers.

Posted by Wietze Koopman on 2009-06-19


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