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The Hole, always a special place

Whether you call it the Blue Hole, looking at it from the surface, or the White Hole, looking at it under water, the Hole is always a special place. Its vertical west wall carries an abundance of healthy sheet corals, ledges and overhangs are a preferred spot for green morays and big tarpons are ever present. Today I visited the Hole again for the first time in weeks. It still had everything I remembered. The huge schools of Mahogany Snappers, Schoolmasters and different species of Grunts were swaying back and forth in the shallows. The tarpons were not intimidated by our presence and the big Barracuda was hanging under its favorite rock. Ronald got his wish fulfilled, two green morays today, posing perfectly. Swimming out to get picked up, turtles surrounded us and a flock of eagle rays flied by. Always a special place, the Hole.

Posted by Wietze Koopman on 2009-06-28


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