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Spelonk and stuff

Hello divers and divettes,

Yesterday we went to Spelonk Lighthouse. The sea was flat, making it easy for us to go there. We made it in a record time of 20 minutes! The dive itself was great - there was a school of great baracudas swimming around us and we saw some big turtles. And we did not find any lionfish so we were very happy.

Today we did the new reef and again it was a real driftdive. It is smasing to cover a great distance and not having to move at all. We've made a great step in improving diving the East side and we cannot wait to start a 3-tank dive and amaze all of you out there!

Greets Ruan, Michael and Ger

Posted by Ger on 2010-12-22


please share some pictures of the barracudas :-)
by Mark den Hartog on 2010-12-22
Hoi Ger!
Effe een mailtje van je neeffie! Gave foto's en waarschijnlijk dan ook een goed leven daar. Heb zelf al ook wat gedoken maar het lijkt me super wanneer je elke dag (of in ieder geval een paar keer in de week) kan genieten van de rust.

Groeten en ik wens je een leuk en gezellig 2011!

by Freek Thiers on 2011-01-08