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I recognised Mark and Brenda the moment I saw them. They are regulars on Bonaire for as long as I can remember. Still, this was the first time ever for them to dive the East Coast. Stories about rough conditions, suitable only for redneck divers, made them hesitate. When they finally decided to try last year an unexpected cold spoiled the fun. But today they managed to come and the dives were very different from what they expected. In this period of the year the waves are just like the waves at the leeward northwest coast in the windy season. Nothing tough about the boat ride nor about the diving. A short smooth boat ride, a back roll into the water, get down, go with the flow and wait for the Eagle Rays to pass by. The whole family can do it under these conditions and enjoy the experience of East Coast diving!

Mark and Brenda especially loved the second dive in the White Hole. The splendour of the 100% healthy coral wall, the diversity of the marine life there. Still, today there was something that worries me. We only saw one Tarpon. Up till now we took it for granted to see dozens of Tarpon in the Hole. They have been there for years. But they disappeared misteriously. What happened to them? Will they come back? Thank God the Turtles were still abundant in the area, and the Eagle Rays passed by at the end of the dive when we swam out to be picked up.

Posted by Wietze Koopman on 2009-08-09


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