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Raoul's last day... A good one

Today we had a great diving day again. There were 2 Dutch girls and Raoul who has joined us 5 times in the last 3 weeks. It was as if all the fish came to say goodbye to him. The first dive we saw the usual stuff. Some eagle rays, stingrays, turtles, green morays, a HUGE barracuda and even an ocean triggerfish followed by a school of chubs. The girls said that they liked the school of chubs very much and that they would love to swim in the middle of it, but they were just to far away. On the second dive on the other hand we've been swimming in a school of a few hundred snappers, and a little later in a school of about 50 tarpons. On top of the reef we saw several turtles lying in between the corals so it just was a beautiful diving day again!!!!!

Posted by Bas on 2010-08-21

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Hello guys,

Thank you so much for those wonderful dives. It was amaaaaaazing ! You all were very professional, relaxed and knew a lot about what we saw.

Bas, You are a poet by the way :-)

Dear Michael, Ger and Bas, I wish you the best.
Take care
by Raul on 2010-08-22