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Rare Fish - we see more than eagle rays

What makes diving the East Coast unique is that you never know what you'll see. While the skies were overcast this morning, the waters were clear with 100' vis. As we dove north towards the channel leading out of Lac Cai the visibility started to drop as it often does in that direction. From out of the watery fog one large eagle ray sailed past us followed by a smaller one. With the addition of our semi-resident population of green turtles and moray eels, it was already turning into another enjoyable dive by all.

But one thing that also made this an interesting dive was the sighting of what is called a Lachnolaimus maximus or hogfish. The scientific latin name sounds a lot like what this fish is--impressive in size at over two feet in length with a long spiny top ornamantal looking dorsal fin. The fish holds his own on the reef quietly feeding bothering no one. He's always a welcome sight and hasn't been seen in several months. If you want to see a picture, you'll have to try Google or join us for our next dive. There is always something to see with Bonaire East Coast Diving!

Posted by Michael on 2011-05-12