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Photo/videography and buoyancy control

Hello divers and divettes,

Today I want to write about diving and making pictures/videos. There are divers who have a lot of experience, but when they take camaras they forget basic diving skills. We always brief people on how to react to animals. It's simple: just don't act offensive and try not to harass them. Stay off the reef and don't damage corals. One of the divers today hurt himself with coral cuts. His fins were slimy so they also had contact with coral. So please: all of you with cameras, act like a nice person and I wil promise you'll get better pictures. Just relax and be cool, stay calm and take a bit of time before taking that "killer shot". And remeber to first establish buoyancy for you and your cameras ystem, and then close in on your subject calmly and it will work out perfectly.

Posted by Ger on 2010-09-23