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Phenomenal diving!

Thursday afternoon, me and my group of eight are ready to make a fabulous East side dive!

We hop on board and I start the briefing. I tell the guests what they can expect, and how we're going to do the dive. I also show them the signs of the different kind of fish and creatures we might see. Quite often when I do briefings i show them as kind of a joke the sign for shark, today I forgot about that (stupid me).

We all enter the water by doing a backroll. When everybody found their buddy we're decending into the White Hole.As soon as we're swimming along the beautiful wall we are greeted by tons of big tarpon that are just hanging out there, spending their afternoon.Everybody is enjoying the wonderful surrounding we're in. The corals on the wall in the White Hole are magnificent. Suddenly everybody is looking on top of the wall. A wonderful eagle ray elegantly flies by. Once we reached the end of the Hole everybody is lining up. We're going over to the shallow area to find our way to the drop off.

After a short swim we reach the drop off. I'm still counting if everybody is still following when I see somebody waving to get my attention. There it is... the sign for shark! The fist thing I'm thinking is: yeah sure!! Funny guy haha! But then I see he is pretty serious about it. I'm going over and my heart is skipping a couple of beats.There it is, laying under a little ledge. A nurse shark! I do a little 'happy dance' and then show everybody this beauty. When everybody had the chance to have a good look at the shark we're moving on!

Now the thing is, after something so spectacular it's hard to keep the vibe going on. But this time the sea was in a good mood too! Turtles, turtles everywhere. At a certain point you just could not count the amount in your vision. It had to be more than 20! Mostly big green ones! When I turned around to ask everybody how much air they had left, everybody was smiling in their regulators! Then finally, just before we're starting our ascent a small southern stingray passes by. That's what you call the cherry on a pie!

We made our ascents and once we're back on the boat, everybody is a little speechless.This dive was phenomenal! And once the first impressions sunk in everybody is excitedly talking about the wonderful life Mother Earth just showed us!

Posted by Emma on 2011-11-03