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One of those dives

I had it happen before... a dive where nothing much is happening for a long, long time. Diving Funchi yesterday it happened again, the Eagle Rays took a long time before showing themselves. Visibility was not what we hoped it would be, although later in the dives it cleared a bit. Still the divers saw two rays and a turtle on this dive. The second one had to make up for it, and it did!

Today I dived Funchi again, hoping for a better score. But like yesterday, in the first half hour nothing much happened. The two Eagle rays we saw turned around before everybody could get a close look at it and I began preparing for another less than average dive. My mind started wandering, I almost fell asleep. But then a group of eight Eagle Rays got me out of my trance. They passed right below our group, giving everybody an opportunity to see them pretty close. A bit later a huge Southern Stingray made a wide circle around us. But the MANTA was mean. He sneaked up from behind and passed overhead in the last 5 minutes of the dive. But still, a manta is a manta!

Posted by Wietze Koopman on 2009-11-06


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