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Today we had two brilliant dives with our Colombian friends. On the first dive we saw the usual stuff like Eagleray, stingray, green moray and a few turtles. The second dive we did the hole and as usual it was a perfect dive again. When we came out of the hole i saw a couple of turtles that i was pointing out. At the same moment i saw a tale underneath me and my first thought was: That's a ******* big green moray but when i took a closer look i saw it was a nurseshark tugged away under the coral. It was not disturbed at all by our presence so everybody was able to take some nice pictures. That was a perfect end of the dive. So i want to thank our colombian friends to go out with us because of them i saw a nurseshark again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bas on 2010-04-05


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