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Nurse sharks!!!

Last Thursday our Dutch friends Hans and Eddy Dunlop joined us @eastcoastdiving. Ger dove with them the first dive and they saw a few stingrays, some turtles and a very nice sized octopus, not a bad dive at all like we are used to. The Dunlop brothers both had an underwater camera and those who already joined us before know that the Hole (which we usually do the second dive because it's a relatively shallow dive) is a perfect site for taking pictures. So I did the Hole with them and as usual it was a beautiful dive again. As soon as we entered the Hole we saw a black grouper being cleaned with his mouth wide open. As we turned around we already saw some tarpons hanging there, just waiting for us to take pictures. As we went further along the wall I looked in every little cave and at one point from a distance I thought I saw the biggest green moray ever, but when I got closer it turned out to be a pretty good sized nurseshark (about 1,5 meters, 4-5 feet). He was tucked face first into the cave and after we had taken some pictures, he decided to get out and slowly swim away over the reef. I think sharks are the most elegant swimmers. After taking a look at the conch shells and the cleaning shrimps, we made our way over the fan garden to get back to the boat and it was turtle soup again, at one point we saw 7 at the same time.

The Dunlop brothers must have enjoyed it, because next day they joined us again. We did Black Rock the first dive where we saw a nurseshark again. I think I've never seen a shark swimming so fast. The second dive we did the Hole again because they really enjoyed that dive, wanted to do it again and of course they had a beautiful dive again.


Posted by Bas Geurts van Kessel on 2009-12-20


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