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We failed!

Yesterday Bas spotted a Lionfish, so we warned the Marine Park guys and told them where it is. Please catch it, Ramon, the Marine Park manager asked. So on his day off Bass joined us with the official marine Park Lion Fish Taming and Catching gear.

Bas got a bit distracted by the big Southern stingrays we saw right from the start. The second one was friendly enough to come directly toward us and to settle on a sand patch a few feet up front, perfectly posing for the photographers. Stingray # 3 was 10 feet away and 40 feet below us, another one was visible in the sand. When, a couple of mitutes later, an eagle ray passed by we had seen all the ray species you can expect on a dive at Fungi Reef. Still, Bas did not forget about his mission. He found the Lion fish again and we all watched him guiding it slowly to the catch bag. Although it was hiding under a coral head, Bas managed to slowly get it closer to the trap. Slowly does it... The prey almost fell for it. Almost. At the very last moment, when we all thought Bas made it, the Lionfish decided to slip away and disappeared under the rock. Patiently Bas got it out again. But the fish did not want to cooperate. Bas was concentrating on the Lionfish when we saw another big Eagle Ray passing by. And a Green Turtle. Too much was happening at the same time. After the fourth or fifth trial Bas gave up. Better next time. Bas marked the spot for easy finding and we continued the dive. Mission not completed, we'll be back!!

Posted by Wietze on 2010-03-18

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