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Nice day for young divers

Hello all,

Today we had 3 minors on the boat, together with their parents. They did the Hole and Funchi's. For them it was the first time on the East side, so I was a litle more careful with the instructions. One of the dads did it before, so he knew how to do things around and on the boat, but with younger kids I have a tendency to be careful. But it was not realy neccessary. The boys did great and it was a good day of diving for all of us

Dive one was Funchi's. When they came back to the boat there was a lot of shouts and big smiling faces. They had seen rays, eels and turtles. "Much better diving than on the other side", was the remark of the two youngest kids. An also a much "cooler" boat was the opinion. Well who am I to see it differently? What we also have found was a lion fish, so we contacted the Marine Park and we'll will try to remove it in the next couple of days

Dive two was the Hole an it was clear it was a cool dive too. turtles, green morays and tarpon wer amongst the "catch" of today. Now the question is: "Will tommorow be better?" Well, we will tell you tomorrow

Greetz, Ger

Posted by ger on 2010-03-17


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