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Smallest Jack knife babies ever!!!

As usual we had 2 brilliant dives again. In the hole we usually see loads of tarpons, several green morays and often some turtles. When we dropped down at the beginning of the dive, within 5 minutes we saw a southern stingray lying under a ledge.... A bit further I looked into this little cave expecting a green moray as usual but there was nothing there. As I took a closer look there were the 3 smallest Jack knife fish I've ever seen, pretty cool. So you see, the East Coast is still THE place to see the bigger marinelife but if you rather see the tiny marinelife it's also a perfect place to dive!!!

Posted by Bas geurts van Kessel on 2010-03-15

1 comment:

They were lovely, never seen them before! Thanks Bas.....
by Monique on 2010-03-21