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Did you see a shark today?

Haai you all.

As normal we went out today. Wietze did the first dive and me (Ger) did the Hole. The first dive was a dive at Funchi's with the stuff we normaly see. Yes I know, we are very lucky people. So eagle and sting rays, a couple of turtles and an ocean trigger to name a few.

The second dive was a great "Hole" dive with over 50 tarpons, big school of grunts and snappers on the reeftop. Also we spotted a turtle and a stingray so just another great dive. After about 25 minutes we went over the plateau back to the boat. And just outside the Hole there is a little dent with a overhang. There it was. A nurseshark. Just to big for the hole it was sleeping in. Both divers in my party went out of there minds. It was a stroke of bad luck that the camara was not working, because that shark was not going to leave that spot. After about 5 minutes we went to the boat and run into a very big green turtle with 3 ramoras lifting along. This animal was so heavy that it hardly came loose from the bottom. Of course there were 8 more turtles but no one was counting anymore. Just a perfect dive.

Hope to see more of these animals and to take some of you with us next time!

Greets, Ger

Posted by ger on 2010-03-12

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