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A new start

The Dutch Antilles are beautiful islands and it’s a great privilege to be able to live and work here. Especially when you are working in the diving business, which does not really feel like working. But when something goes wrong, like a broken down engine, there is a back side to it. Its unpredictable how long it takes for the new engine to get to the island. And this time it took loooooong.

But we are back in business with a new engine and… a new website. Being a digital illiterate, it took me a while to find where I can write this blog, but as you can see, I found it. Twice already I went out and it felt so good to be back at the East Coast.
Today we went with a film crew. No wind, the sea was calm as a lake. The White Hole was the highlight this time, with the viz better than ever. Spectacular shots of Dos Winkel, coming up in the huge schools of Snappers and Grunts. A Green Turtle came to have a look at his camera and went out again. A Green Moray had just eaten something big, and looked like a Boa Constrictor that just swallowed a deer. The Tarpons were good for some fantastic footage too. And when we got to the terrace on our way back to the boat our guests did not want to get out of the water when they saw the number of Turtles that came up from the bottom.
Like I said, it's very good to be back!

Posted by Wietze on 2010-03-07


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