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Diving on the East coast of Bonaire is much easier than most people think

Hello everybody,

Diving on the eastcoast of Bonaire is much easier thatn most people think. There are just a few rules you have to obey. Those rules will be pointed out in the briefing you'll get before the dive. It's obviously very important you pay attention to the briefing and then you'll see it's all very easy.

Today we had 10 customers for two dives and the dives were great. The only problem was that 2 of the divers really didn't know the basics of diving and didn't obey some of the safety rules. Our policy is safety first and since they were a danger to themselves and to the rest of the group we had to deny them for the second dive. This is the second time in two and a half year we had to do this. We're very sorry for those divers and we really don't like doing this but as I already pointed out: Safety first!

Hope to see you any time soon on the boat and you'll see it's all very easy as long as you know the basics of diving.


BECD team

Posted by on 2011-06-25