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Computer failure

I hate mornings! Especially the first hour when I am out of bed but not really (or really not) awake yet. Everything is on autopilot, and usually this is not a problem. Only this morning I had a bright moment and remembered I had to change the battery of my dive computer. I switched off the autopilot, changed the batteries, cleaned the o-ring, put the lid on and set the time and date. As far as I could tell everything went fine.

Three hours later I backrolled in, wide awake again. Diving on Fungi reef the first four Eagle Rays came after 60 seconds at 40 feet. I like it when that happens. The next time an Eagle ray appeared, I looked at my watch again. And looked again. The display was completely blank. After eleven years my faithful Suunto Mosquito had died on me. Now I remembered not cleaning the seat of the lid this morning. There must have been some dirt, and I must have flooded it. The end of my all time favorite dive computer. Not in production anymore. Well, I still had my depth gauge and my pressure gauge. I know that it takes me about 45 minutes to half empty my tank, so I just continued the dive as if nothing happened. In the end I used the computer of one of the divers (thank you Simone) to see if my estimate was correct, and we did the safety stop while swimming out. Who needs computers when there is common sense and an image of dive tables in my head.

But now I am home, and very happy it was not drowning that gave me the blank screen. Just a bad battery that suddenly stopped.

Posted by Wietze on 2011-05-10