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The road to Cai

Those of you who have been on Bonaire lately will have experienced some rainy days. Quite a lot of them actually, i have not seen as much rain on Bonaire as in the last couple of weeks. November was a record month!

For divers it does not make a lot of difference, we like to get wet. And so we did today on two nice East Coast dives where, as usual, our guests left us in a very happy mood. But they were divers.

Not so happy were the drivers of a very small car on the road to Cai. It's a dirt road baby!! A very wet and muddy dirt road. That did not discourage the American drivers of the very small city car. They managed to get it some 30 - 40 feet into the mud and were busy pushing it further into it when we stopped to help them. On moments like this you can be very happy with a Ford F 350 4x4 and a rope. The Germans in the pickup truck got a bit further before they got stuck.

Don't do it guys, when it looks wet and muddy it is wet and muddy!

Posted by on 2010-12-01