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Good hunting

A beautiful day and two beautiful dives. First dive of the day was at Funchi`s and it turned out to be a very smooth and enjoyable dive. Quite a few eaglerays and turtles. Only one stingray though. Dive two was in the Hole and it was again very smooth. Lots of tarpon, green morays and a turtle, but at the and of the dive going over the reef to get back to the boat there was a serious amount of turtles to be seen. Fun Fun Fun.

Dive three was together with Ramon from STINAPA and a colleague of his to go and find the big bundle of Lionfish that Bas saw on a dive at Black Rock. We managed to find three of them and two no longer are. The dive itself was pretty amazing I must admit.. All in all a succesful day at the East Coast!

Posted by Rob on 2010-05-13