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East Coast Diving, it can be a very easygoing experience...

Today, we had 6 customers on the boat. 2 of them did the divesite Lac Cai yesterday from the shore. That was a very intensive experience according to them. About 20 minutes crossing the sandchannel to get to the reef and about 20 minutes going back so the actual time on the reef was about 20 minutes also. Going out with the current and then turning around to fight your way back into the current.... We just go out, drop you on top of the reef and you have the complete divetime on the reef without fighting any currents because we just go with the current. At the end of the dive you come up and the boat will be waiting to pick you up. It doesn't get any easier than that. According to those two customers it was a very easygoing trip with much more actual divetime on the reef so you see, East Coast Diving can be a very easygoing and enjoyable trip if you do it by boat!!!!!!

Posted by Bas on 2010-05-06