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Sunday diving

Today is Sunday and on Sundays you should never work too hard..... that's why we let the marinelife work for us today. I did the first dive which was brilliant again. Slight current in our back, just the perfect speed. We barely kicked and everything just came to us instead of us searching for them which makes it a perfect Sunday dive. We saw the usual stuff like turtles, eaglerays, stingrays, green moray, rainbow parrot, a shark and we even spotted a slipperlobster. I was told it's pretty special to see them during the day. Ger did the second one and also had a very nice dive, it was a turtle soup again!!!!! We had 3 divers for the first dive and one extra for the second, everybody was very pleased with the dives again so everybody's happy again which makes today (like any other day) a brilliant diving day again!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bas on 2010-05-02