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Rayday, rayday, rayday!!!!!

I think I dropped out of school too early, I might have to go back. I can count till 10 but after that I have no fingers left. The first dive I used all 10 of them within 15 minutes..... What a wonderfull, brilliant dive!!!! The visibility could have been a bit better but the dive was awesome!! As already mentioned we had a ****load of eagle- and stingrays. Freeswimming BIG green morays, sleeping turtle and lots of swimming turtles, a huge baracuda and unfortunately a lionfish (they are beautiful though). Second dive (the White Hole) we started with a feeding Eagle Ray. Then we saw the usual Hole stuff like green moray, big school of snappers with a couple of cubara snappers in the middle, conch shells and then there was a stingray buried in the sand. When we all had a good look and took all our pictures it decided to take off, always beautiful (they move so elegant!). About 1 minute later the Eagle Ray from the start of the dive decided to enjoy us again with a nice show. Coming out of the Hole we swam into a turtlesoup again, we saw 8 at the same time. And to top the dive off, we saw a pretty well sized lobster straight under the boat.

It was a brilliant diving day again!!!!!

ps. as you can see we already have a lot of bookings for next weeks so if you want to join us for an East Coast experience, make sure you make a reservation in time....

Posted by Bas on 2010-04-30


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