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Somebody's gotta do it

With all these new guests who have never been on the East Coast, we almost always do Fungi and The Hole. We want to impress the newcomers with the best diving Bonaire offers. "Don't you ever get bored doing the same dives over and over?" people ask us. The answer is no. Same theatre, but always a different show. Today the school of baby Boga still resided under the ledge in the Hole. The Bar Jacks did not succeed diminishing it visibly. The Black Grouper that joined them seemed to have given up on the Boga. Not the Jacks, they never give up. The schools of Snappers did not mix today. The Mahogany Snapper group and the Schoolmaster Snapper group were clearly apart. Easy for identification. The Turtle hunt was not very succesfull on the dive I did. Only two Hawksbills. But on the first dive the divers already had seen many Turtles and Rays.

I know, we have a terrible job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Posted by Wietze on 2010-04-27

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