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We always have good dives on the East Coast. Well, yes, almost always. But every once in a while there is an exceptionally good one. Today was one of these days. At the start of the dive I always look back at the group to see if everybody is OK. They were. As soon as I turned around I saw a big Southern Singray, laying on a patch of sand half way the slope. A good start, I thought and pointed it out. But as soon as I pointed and made the Ray handsignal an Eagle Ray just passed over it. All attention to the Eagle first of course, the Stingray would wait. And it did. Carefully we came closer and it did not move. It does not happen often that everybody in a group of ten gets all the opportunity to see a Stingray that close. After this perfect start the dive continued to be excellent. Eagle Rays kept on coming and passing by, green Morays stuck their heads out of the coral, a schoolbus size Cubera Snapper just hung near a Gorgonian above us. A bit further a Baracuda had the same behavour. And then a big old Hawksbill turtle came to me, turned around slowly and went down in the coral. I got distracted by an Eagle Ray that came to me simultaneously, but after he went I found the Turtle again under a rock. After all this (and more) I did not mind we had to do the safety stop in misty water. By the look of the smiles on everybody's face, nobody did. After the second dive with Ger, the smiles could not get any bigger! That alone makes diving the East Coast a great pleasure.

Posted by Wietze on 2010-04-23