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It's getting quiet

This title does not mean that we don't see anything anymore under water. What I mean is that the windy season is ending and the waves subside. Not every day, mind you, but today was a relatively quiet day. We ventured a bit further South, to Ramon's reef, to see some Stingrays. They are still there, resting on the sandy bottom at 100 feet. Because of the depth the dive is a bit shorter that usual, but still Ger could show the divers the Southern Stingrays and the usual Turtles that we see on every dive. The Queen Trigger is a special that we do not see on every dive, but one showed itself today to the group.

I did the second dive in and around The White Hole. The viz has improved considerably this week and we could see the West wall in all its splendour. All the usual stuff was there: Tarpon, Baracuda, big schools of Snappers and Grunts, even a huge Rainbow Parrot. But I missed the Green Morays on the West wall. What happened? They are always there! I found one on the other side of the Hole. I had some trouble getting my divers out to the reef, they could not stop making pictures of fellow divers with sleeping Tarpon. But finally we got there and saw some Green Turtle, a Hawksbill and swimming out on the reef, the Eagle Rays they missed on their first dive. The usual stuff for a spoiled East Coast brat like me. But I was pleasantly surprised by a fish that is kind of rare on Bonaire: a Hogfish. And during our safety stop, hanging out in the blue, something special happened. A school of Creole Wrasse surrounded us, and a group of 12 Cubera Snappers curiously checked us out.

Another day in Paradise.

Posted by Wietze Koopman on 2009-07-09


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