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Escape of the Lionfish

Plenty of staff today. We were told there would be an 11 year old who needed his own divemaster, so we provided one extra. It turned out to be a mix-up at the reservations office. But it gave Ger the opportunity to catch the lionfish on Fungi's. At least to try and catch it. By now it's so wary of divers that it hides as soon as it sees bubbles. There is a second one too now, not a good sign. This one played hard to get too, Ger could not catch it either and it's still there.

I did the Blue Hole. It is the most awesome dive on Bonaire. Tarpon, Conch, a school of baby Boga underneath one of the ledges, permamently attacked by Bar Jacks. A bit further I was so intrigued by a Scarlet Shrimp cleaning a Grouper that I did not see the two Green Morays for a while, laying tail to tail two feet behind it. The sugar on the cake are the Green Turtles when we go back to the boat again.

Posted by on 2010-04-20