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A busy day in paradise

Two morning dives and an afternoon dive, thats how it should be on a busy day. Bas and I started @ 7 AM, but a leaking tire gave us a bit of a delay. A full boat in the morning. More that full. we had 13 people for the first dive and only 10 on our list. One of these days. The divers that were not on our list had a cold and did not mind going next week. Thank heaven there's always a solution.

Not all went bad. The sea was as flat as a small lake, the dives went well, everybody happy. When our guests are coming back saying "what an awesome dive", we are happy too, exept when we have to changes tires after a long day. The leaking tire had gotten worse and had to be replaced. 10 bolts, thats different from my susuki samuray with only 4 a wheel.

But all this happens in paradise folks, you dont have to feel sorry for us!

It's 5 PM now, I'm going home!

Posted by on 2010-04-15