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Today we saw an unusual amount of turtles. Normally as a divemaster we use one hand to give a sign and point in the right direction. Today I had to use both hands. One was to give the sign and direction and the other one I used to show how many I saw...... 3, 4, 5 at the same time. At a few moments I didn't have enough fingers..... That's why we call it turtlesoup. It seemed as if all animals were in their sunday mood. Most of them weren't the slightest bit impressed by our presence. Because of that we could take some great pictures of turtles swimming by within half a meter, a stingray that was just posing for us. The only one that wasn't in the sunday mood was a queen angelfish, as usual they are very shy and didn't want to be in the picture. We had two brilliant dives again, only I think it's about time to spot a manta ray again. My water starts boiling a little bit so one of these days..........

Posted by Bas on 2010-03-28

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