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Pretty high waves....

Another day at the East Coast of Bonaire. As most of you will know, it's been pretty windy the last few days. That's what we especially notice going out of the bay. The waves all come together and get pushed into the channel. Everybody loved it. At days like this you can actually call it the wild side. The boatride is about all you notice if there are high waves. Once you get under the wave action it feels like any other dive. As usually the dives were brilliant again although the visibility wasn't that good. Saw some eaglerays, a southern stingray, queen triggerfish, green morays etc. So all the usual stuff. Especially with weather like this the quality of the boat is very important. The boat we use is perfect for these conditions. Strong and very easy to enter. We deflate a part of the side tube and put the ladder in there so the floor is just a little bit higher than the water level which makes it one of the most easy boat entries you've ever done. Once again a beautiful diving day, I already look forward to tomorrow......

Posted by Bas Geurts van kessel on 2010-03-24