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A movie with Dos Winkel

Today, we went out with Dos winkel and a large filmcrew, a lot of our Dutch customers remember Dos from his beautiful article in Duiken Magazine about Bonaires East Coast (visit the Press page to view the article) or from one of his books like What's the catch with fish or Eye on Bonaire. Our first dive was what we call a real Sunday morning dive. We saw a few turtles, a huge crab, beautiful corals and only one eagle ray. There was no current and the visibility was perfect, a very easy and relaxed dive. After doing some action shots of the boat the guys did a 50 minutes dive in the White Hole (I didn't do the 2nd) and came back after 75 minutes with the excuse that there was too much to see. So for that report we have to wait until the movie or the pictures are ready. We will keep you posted!

Posted by Gijs on 2010-03-08


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