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Lots of dive profies on the boat - easy to guide

Hello divers and divettes'

This was a very nice week to work on the East Side. We had a lot of dive professionals on the boat and that makes operating procedures easy. it is also good to hear from these persons that we do a good job. When people from the industry are impressed we have to do something OK. On the wildlife it is getting better and better. We spot a lot of eagle - and stingrays and the amount of turtles is even better. Today we had over 30 of them only on the Hole dive. It still impresses me and I am used to see a lot of stuff! Maybe it is because there were a lot of profies on the boat, since they are also great spotters. But whatever the reason is, it was a great week for the East Coast. We will tell more about it in the next couple of days.

The BECD crew

Posted by Ger on 2011-05-16