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Like a lake - all is well at the East Side

Well hello you all,

Today the ocean was extremely calm. Still the divers choose the divesites that we dive more often. So it was Funchi and the Hole in the morning and the Hole in the afternoon. Well, the eaglerays are back. They came in big formations and Wietze stopped counting after ten or so. All the other stuff was there too, so it was a good dive. The Hole was great as always. We had a couple of divers that went out with the former operator and they were pleasantly surprised about the way we do things. There was a calm and relaxed atmosphere and no cursing aboard the boat. This is how it should be all the time, they told us. Also in the afternoon the dive was great. It was a good and busy week for all the crew members, so it is time for a pint at City's.

See you all next time! Wietze and Ger

Posted by ger on 2010-04-16


The first dive to Fungi, a drift dive to about 100' led by Wietze was AWESOME. The dance of the spotted eagle rays was "game on!" Yes 10 or so was accurate. A beautiful queen trigger, 2 very large green moray eels and 2 hawksbill turtles were also observed on this dive. The reef was beautiful and the marine life abundant.

The second dive was to The Hole (the Valley), led by Ger. A nice relaxing dive around the walls of the hole. The dive started out with a nice green moray and a southern stingray nestled in the sand. Then...HOLY TARPON! If you want to see tarpon...this is the place. I lost count after 45. If you didn't get a good picture, it was because you didn't have a camera. A school of grey snapper and then into the valley of the sea fans. It was so cool to see all of those sea fans, waving in unison to the surge. The finale was the hawksbill turtle who stopped by for a visit.

This was our first experience with Bonaire East Coast Diving. Safety was the watchword and Wietze and Ger made the trip very enjoyable. I am happy to announce that I did not personally cause any "beer violations."

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this dive outfit!

Mark & Laura Linse
PADI IDC Staff Instructors

by Mark & Laura Linse (Chicago, Illinois - USA) on 2010-04-18
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