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Ladies day

I love an all female guest boat and today we had one. Being male divemasters, it enhances our tendency for dominant male competition. Who gives the girls the best dive! Now my favorite dive is the White Hole because there is almost a 100% guarantee for a spectacular dive. But Ger drew the longest straw and I had to do the first dive on Funchi. I knew I had to be lucky to win this one. Thank God after five minutes we already had seen a few Turtles, a free swimming Green Moray and an Eagle Ray and I knew I was competition. After a few more turtles one of the ladies was in a state of trance when a group of four Eagle Rays arrived. I frantically pointed them out, but no reaction. We don’t use noisemakers on the East Side, so I had to find another way to wake her out of the trance. I knew she had to see them or I would still lose it. The first Ray of the group already passed by me, so I inhaled deeply and yelled her name. It worked! She looked up and I pointed again. A smile was my reward. A big Cubera Snapper and a rare Rainbow Runner did the rest. Ger did not stand a chance on the second dive.

Posted by Wietze on 2011-07-25