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Just seen a MANTA RAY!!!! YES

Hello you all,

Today was a nice diving day. The first dive was "normal" for the East Coast. Turtle, eagle ray, rainbow parrot and green moray. Just a nice and relaxed dive. The second dive was guided by Wietze. He did the White Hole. And so he had turtles and tarpons and other great stuff. But the third dive was one of these dives. As soon as we entered the water there were eagle rays, turtles, big parrot fish and more eagle rays. I stopped counting at 15 and still there were more to come. The icing on the cake was a big manta ray that just swam along for about 5 minutes. And we could get real close to it. This was special, great, super and more. So it was extreem good diving today. I can't wait to get wet again!

Greetz Wietze and Ger (Whiskers)

Posted by Ger Boermeester on 2009-06-10


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