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Just one off those days - seen it all

Hello boys an girls,

Today was one of those days that makes diving the East Coast so special. Both dives were excellent. At Funchi's all the rays, turtlles and the other usual stuff was seen. But also a grey reefshark was present. so 45 minutes with great stuff. Nobody was talking bad about the first dive. I had to go on the second one. The Hole was a litlle milky and I had a bit of a down feeling. But just in there we saw a big female hawsbill together with over 30 tarpons. Two bigger black groupers made the first 3 minutes. In the Hole we alse encoutered a big soutern stingray and a green moray. Well, after about 20 minutes we left the Hole to stumble over a nurse shark. Then we spotted some turtlles and 2 eaglerays. So a perfect day of diving again. We hope to see all of you soon at the East Side

Bas and Ger

Posted by ger on 2010-05-19