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It's all about timing - catching the express . . .

We met with a small group of three dive instructors and one master scuba diver from Puerto Rico this morning and after a short delay we motored out of Lac Cai. This was their first trip to Bonaire. So as we try to do everyday, we "opened the doors" for them, so to speak, to show them the East Coast. Ger was dropped off on Funchi's reef with our guests and saw the first turtle of the day as they descended. Where ever they turned, they saw something new: Slipper Lobster, Caribbean Lobster, morays, more turtles, Eagle and Southern rays. The current was kind and gave them a lift north.

Our second dive was at White Hole. We dove with about twenty of our resident Tarpon. Hidden in the sandy bottom a large Southern Stingray watched us as we kicked past. We headed out the Hole, over the reef through the sea fan garden when it happened. The current gave us a nice push south this time into a swirling motion of turtles swimming around us, schools of Bogas, Cubera Snappers and Horse-eye Jacks. Thirty plus turtles in all coming from every direction. After ten minutes of this visual symphony underwater, it slowly subsided. The current switched pushing us away from the reef and as we finished our safety stop, a school of Palmeta swam by. We came up speechless.

After a week of diving we all agreed, what we had just seen and experienced on the East Coast with Bonaire East Coast Diving was the best.

Posted by Michael on 2011-05-13