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Hello you all,

This was a strange week for us at the East Coast. We had a group of marine biologists for a couple of days. They are looking into coral growth and algae on our reefs. This group will be doing these studies for a longer perode of time. Some of you probably saw tiles and stuff on the reef in front of the Hole. Well, that is all part of this study. Still it was a strange way of diving. Our task was recovering scientists and bring them to the spots where they needed to go. So no guiding, but a lot of equipment handling. After that we could go on Lionfish hunting, together with Ramon from STINAPA. We got a lot of Lionfish out of the Lac Bay / Sorobon reef, but there are still a lot left. We are talking about systematically removing them from the East Side reefs. It will be a ongoing project because a big part is rarely dived on. But at least we'll give it our best shot. On the health of the reefs we have some hope. It is still reasonably healthy but to keep it this way is something to think about. Hopefully next time we will have more info on this, but until then we will have to wait. We hope to see the biologists in March again!

Greetz Ger and Michael

Posted by Ger on 2010-11-08