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How Bonaire East Coast conditions change

Yesterday, we had a 2 beautiful dives. Rows of eaglerays and countless turtles. The weather conditions were completely different than yesterday, the waves were short and about 8 feet high, absolutely no problem for our boat and our guests who actually enjoyed the ride. The day before yesterday the sea was flat like a mirror, allmost like today. Anyway, on our way back we found 6 divers who appreciated a lift back to shore and they ended up being today's guests (on the afternoon dive) and tomorrow's. Today's dive, we did in the afternoon and was a lil strange as usual. We started with a green moray who wanted to hide in a little cave, which was already occupied by a turtle (the turtle won) and another free swimming green moray. Then one eagle ray and than silence for 35 minutes, nothing really spectactular. Luckily, the last 5 minutes of the dive we ran into 3 eagle rays who were hesitating to pass us. They finally did at very close range on their third approach. A relaxed Saturday afternoon dive, but not so busy - maybe earlier is better?????

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