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Extreme diving, turtlewise

Hello divers/divettes,

Well, it is on again. The last week must be named turtle week! Just a litlle bit south of the Hole there is a large group of (mostly female) green turtles. On every dive that ends there we see more than 20 of them. Also when you are on the surface you see them pop up every few minutes, so we can tell for sure that the mating season is on. Of course the other animals are still down there too. Sadly enough, the lionfish is also there. The East Coast staff is trying to get most of them, but there is such a big piece of coastline that is not dived on, that we're afraid the lionfish is there to stay. But Mother Nature has a tendecy to handle it on her own, so we wait and see. The natural enemy of the lionfis is the Grouper, so divers and divettes: please do not order grouper for dinner.

Greets from the BECD team.

Posted by Ger on 2011-03-25