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Hello divers

Hello divers &divettes,

This week has been good. Almost everything went like clockwork, so there were no complaints on our part. Okay, perhaps the waves could have been less, but on the other hand a lot of big marine life has been seen. The turtles are back in great numbers - on several dives we have seen more than 10! The tarpon are always in the Hole and the occasional shark is there as icing on the cake. So we are pretty happy. We ask the guys and girls who dive with us to sent pictures an write comments in our guestbook. Now there is a small glitz. Everybody thinks somebody else will do it and in the end nobody does it. So we think everybody is happy but we'd like to know for sure. So please help us out and tell what you liked or did not like. This is for us to improve the operation and keep the staff in gear. Hope to hear from you soon

Greetz from the BECD team

Posted by on 2011-01-14